Birch Hill, UAF Ski Trails -10 to -20f

Temperature: -10 to -20f deg
Humidity: 80%
Snow Type:
 New, New snow at these temperatures are very slow. Go a bit thinner with the kick and add cold power.

  • Kick Wax
  • Glide Wax
  • Notes
    • X-Cold Power hardens  the ski bases making wax more durable and glide better in cold dry conditions (squeaky snow)
    • The Goldstream Sport Ski trail is not groomed and will not be for another week or so. Our snow machine is in for major repairs. Goldstream Sports covers the grooming expense at about $2000 a year for routine maintenance and fuel costs not counting time spent. This repair will cost between $1800 and $2600 on a  SWT Skandic.  This is more then the store can absorb at this time so we are asking for donations. We would appreciate your support. Donations can be dropped off at the shop or called in with a credit card. Thanks you.

246 Replies to “Birch Hill, UAF Ski Trails -10 to -20f”

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