Birch Hill, Goldstream Sports Classic Trail and UAF Ski Trail

  • Kick Wax
    • Toko 3 layers of Red or 6 layers of Swix VR45 (VR 50 if tracks are heavily glazed)
    • Toko Green Base wax a binder under the kick. This should be heated in.
    • Try waxing longer in front if you are slipping
  • Glide Wax
    • Toko LF Red or Swix CH 7
  • Structure
    • Universal cold stone grind (Dunner) as a base
    • Medium broken structure should be added to reduce suction to improve glide
  • Notes 
    • The classic ski trails at Goldstream Sports and pack and well covered. No track has been set.  Trail Map 
    • Binder will be needed do to the abrasiveness of the snow and to provide a softer base.

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